Eneas Energy med kjernevirksomheten Måling og Energiadministrasjon (Fellesmåling) har endret navn til VENI Metering fra juni 2019.
Selskapet beholder samme org. nummer og fortsetter å levere måling- og avregningstjenester til kunder og forvaltere.

Kjell Martin Grimeland appointed CEO of VENI Energy Group

Founder and CEO of VENI Energy Group, Mr. Thomas Hakavik, has for some time contemplated reducing his workload. Having headed a period of strong growth and profitability improvement in VENI Energy Group he has asked the Board’s permission to resign as CEO and assume the position of Chief Commercial Officer. Mr. Hakavik will work 60 percent going forward, and focus on strategic development of the Group. He will remain member of the Board.

Mr. Kjell Martin Grimeland has been appointed CEO. Mr. Grimeland has served as Chief Operating Officer of VENI Energy Group since 2015. He has a long history with VENI Energy Group, having served as Chairman in the period 2008-2010.

Says Thomas Hakavik: “Having worked with Kjell Martin in various capacities for a long time, I am confident that VENI Energy Group will continue to prosper under his leadership. With the group now having strong management and good organizations in all 3 countries – Norway, Sweden and Finland – and a set strategic development path, this is a good time for me to step down as CEO. I look forward to concentrating my efforts on development projects and sales coaching, which l have always thought of as more fun!”

Says Kjell Martin Grimeland: “Thomas and I have always worked well together, and the change of positions will not alter the strategic or operational focus of VENI Energy Group. We will, together with management and employees in VENI Energy Group, continue to serve our customers well and develop the company in an effective manner.”

Both Mr. Grimeland and Mr. Hakavik have assumed their new roles.

Publisert: 4th April 2018 av Tore Christian Lie

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